Being a great teacher is about so much more than teaching numbers and letters.

Teachers in our kindergartens and preschools have the great responsibility of ensuring our children are ready for the challenges of school – and the fact that one in five Australian children are starting school developmentally vulnerable sharpens the focus on this responsibility even further.

All teachers in our centres are degree qualified or working towards their qualification, which means they have the confidence and skill to support children in their transition from kindergarten to school. But their role in teaching goes beyond that.

Below, three of our teachers explain how their role extends further the functional aspects of teaching and tell us in their own words what fires their passion for early education.

Jade Wehlow – Pelicans in the Park, Cairns (QLD)

I’m often asked, “Why are you teaching in kindergarten instead of a primary school?”

I strongly believe that the foundation years of a child’s life are the most important in building their confidence and developing a love of learning.

As an early childhood educator, I bring passion and enthusiasm to my teaching. I’ve always been fascinated by observing children grow with new experiences.

My role as a teacher is vital, as I hold the power to shape a child’s future by setting them up for success.

It’s important to build a strong rapport with all children in the early years, to promote a sense of belonging amongst them. I believe this can be achieved by being an active listener and speaking to children at their level.

My aspiration to teach is driven by the belief that every child should be treated as individuals. Every day, we work towards respecting their uniqueness, valuing their beliefs, and nurturing their potential.

Maddie Rizzo – World of Learning, Narellan (NSW)

What I love about teaching is being a conduit for education. Education unlocks countless possibilities and helps us to take what is ours by our birthright.

As human beings, we have the right to belong, the right to take part, and the right to change our world for the better.

Being an educator gives me the privilege of helping young children find their inner voice. It enables me to support them in having their voice in the world, proudly, unapologetically and courageously.

Katie Dix – World of Learning Victor Harbor (SA)

My love for teaching comes in seeing the “WOW” moments with the children.

The pleasure from knowing that I have helped them learn, grow and achieve, is indescribable.

It’s all about seeing joy in the little things and knowing that everything we do has an impact on shaping their world.


Our teachers are passionate about your child’s development, setting them up for success in school and beyond.
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