Let’s get big school ready!

Starting ‘big school’ – It’s one of the biggest steps your child will have to take in their young life.

So how can you ensure they are appropriately equipped for this exciting milestone?

There’s more to being school ready than a child having the ability to write their name or recite their ABCs. It’s about taking a wholistic approach to ensure your child is able to transition to school with ease.

This includes identifying your child’s skills and milestones against the Australian Early Development Census which measures the children in the first year of school. These include your child’s:

  • physical health and wellbeing
  • social competence
  • emotional maturity
  • language and cognitive skills
  • communication skills and general knowledge


Our kindergarten program is based on a government approved curriculum that incorporates learning through play to set your child up for success throughout their school years.

Key to this is a curriculum that encourages your child’s emotional, cognitive and social development to ensure they are confident and curious learners.

Building school-ready routines and behaviours also become increasingly important as the kindergarten and preschool year progresses.

The school environment is quite different to that of early learning settings, so building routines and establishing behavioural expectations can really help smooth the transition for young children.

We view their early childhood education as an extension of the learning that occurs at home. That is why we want to support you to embed and build on what we do each day.

The following checklist may help you to see if your child is school ready.

Language, literacy and numeracy skills

  • Can your child understand different letters and sounds?
  • Can your child count numbers and identify shapes?

Independence, emotional maturity and social skills

  • Can they interact and play with other children?
  • Can your child express their feelings and resolve conflict on their own?

Physical development

  • Can your child write, cut and put shoes on by themselves?
  • Can your child confidently run, jump or skip?

Routines and behaviours

  • Can your child look after their own belongings?
  • Does your child have the ability to dress and use the bathroom on their own?


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